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Krazee Wh!rl

Gasoline Powered 


RDC features a Gasoline Powered Krazee Wh!rl™ bumper car to meet the needs of outdoor venues.


Small Footprint: Approximately 100 Sq. Ft. (9.9 sq. m.) required space per car.


  • Patented Neoprene covered bumpers that reduces “G” force impact. Unbeatable for long term wear and shock absorption.

  • Dual joy-stick lever controls: Spin 360 degrees, Forward, Backwards.  No “boxed in” corners.

  • Dual levers provide simple, positive control and safety. Incredibly Responsive

  • High back head rest protects rider’s head and neck

  • Transmitter/receiver system in every car

  • Heavy Steel Frame Construction

  • State-of-the-art Safety Features

  • Choose from 33 Krazee Colors 

  • Plus a collection of optional bumper car Accessories 

  • All age groups can ride at the same time (44” (112cm) up to 275 pounds (124.75kg).

  • Seat belt fits loosely so the pivot point of the rider’s body is from their seat and not the neck.  Feet and leg positions make the rider’s legs act like natural stabilizers.

  • Maintenance costs on Krazee Wh!rl™ cars are the lowest you will find in the industry, based on gross ride income.  

  • Proven return on investment (Ask our current owners!)

  • Portable – can be moved from location to location with different surfaces with fast and easy set-up and tear-down.

  • Cars can be driven up a 30° trailer ramp for easy loadings.

  • Backed by RDC’s world renown and indisputable customer service


  • Requires only one operator to operate system with immediate access to the emergency stop switch.

  • Features dual joystick steering for simple, positive control and safety.  Rider can move forward, backward, left, right, or spin in circles. 

  • Cars are never boxed-in” and do not require an extra ride operator to unscramble cars. 

  • Speed of each car is dependent on the motion of the steering lever.  The farther you push, the faster it goes.

  • Kartroll Control System: Requires only one operator to operate system with immediate access to the emergency stop switch.


  • Operator can decide ride cycle and stop all cars with Kartroll radio transmitter.


  • Powered by a reliable Honda GX160  (formerly refered to as a 5.5hp) gasoline engine. 




6     Cars      24 ft x 24ft   (7.315m  x  7.315m)

8     Cars      24ft x 32ft    (7.315m  x  9.75m)

10   Cars      32ft x 32ft    (9.75m  x  9.75m)

12   Cars      32ft x 40ft    (9.75m  x  12.19m)

14   Cars      36ft x 40ft    (10.97m  x  12.19m)

16   Cars      40ft x 40ft    (12.19m  x  12.19m)


  • Bumper rail needs 2 feet of clear space between bumper rail and perimeter fence. Fence can be as close as 12 inches if it is a non public area.



  • RDC will be happy to quote pricing for perimeter fence or you can build it to match your other attractions.


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