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Krazee Accessories

RDC offers an array of bumper car accessories.  RDC does not offer bumper car “packaged accessories.”  We have found from customer feedback that they want to pick and choose their accessories depending on their needs and venue.   RDC sometimes recommends to clients to purchase some accessories on the open market where they are less expensive and not subject to mark-ups.


RDC has great optional accessories to consider when purchasing RDC bumper cars.




  •   LED  Reflective Bottom Illumination


  •   LED Bumper Rail Lighting 


printed backdrop

wall paper



  •   Meter/Switch Kits


  •   33 Krazee Colors                                                                    

 Standard Gel-Coat

 Polyester-Flake Gel-Coat

 Blacklight-Flake Gel-Coat


  • Perimeter Fencing

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