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All Terrain Option (ATO)


  • Designed with 2½” additional ground clearance and a spring-loaded front caster. 

  • Operates on concrete, wood, asphalt, or even grass for a short period.

  • Operates where there are cracks, crevices, or abrupt uneven surfaces.

  • Easy to load on a trailer.  With a 30° ramp, cars can be loaded under power.


Kartrol Radio System

Operator can control the “on” and “off” cycle and also stop all the cars simultaneously in an emergency.

LED Bumper Rail Lights

  • 110 volt LED light bars for the bumper rail

  • Connect up to 20 lights and plug into one standard wall socket.


Bumper Rail: Post and Socket  or Lag Bolt

Post & Socket-


This is for new concrete, posts

drop into socket that is set into the concrete.

Lag Bolt-


This is for existing concrete, just lag bolt down to the concrete

Galvanized Car Ring

Standard rings are powder coated, if you are in a humid environment you may opt to have the rings galvanized.

Sq Ft Required: 100 sq ft per car

Sample Bumper Rail Sizes:


6     Cars      24 ft x 24ft   ( 7.315m  x  7.315m)

8     Cars      24ft x 32ft     (7.315m  x  9.75m)

10   Cars      32ft x 32ft     (9.75m  x  9.75m)

12    Cars      32ft x 40ft    (9.75m  x  12.19m)

14   Cars      36ft x 40ft    (10.97m  x  12.19m)

16   Cars      40ft x 40ft    (12.19m  x  12.19m)


  • Bumper rail needs 2 feet of clear space between bumper rail and perimeter fence if public can walk up to fence. 1 foot of clearance if the perimeter fence is a solid half wall. 




  • RDC can quote perimeter fence, or you can use any type fence. Ride area needs to be enclosed so public cannot walk into area while in operation.

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