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RDC Safety Features


For over 30 years, RDC has a proven, industry wide reputation for safety and performance.

  • Patented Neoprene Covered Bumper Tubes

Large pneumatic bumpers cushion and absorb the shock of bumping resulting in a lower “G” force for added safety. (Neoprene is utilized on large river rafts for durability and  rock protection.)


  • Pivot Point Seat Belts

Engineered seat belts are loose-fitting to provide a pivot point of the rider’s body from their seat and  not the neck.  Rider’s feet and leg position act as natural support stabilizers. 


  • Steel Frame Assembly

Heavy duty powder coated steel frame construction insures structural integrity and rider protection. Frame can also be galvanized.

  • Dual Joy-Stick Steering

RDC’s joy-stick design provides the ultimate in steering control and safety for riders young and old.  RDC’s joy-stick control  adds extra rider support and is intuitively fun. 

  • Protective High Seat Back 

RDC’s high back headrest protects the rider’s  upper body, head and neck. The seat back incorporates high density urethane foam for added protection and  cushioning. 

  • Ride Cycle Timer and Emergency Stop Override

RDC’s patented Electric Floors controls come equipped with an adjustable timer with 30 second increments that automatically controls the ride cycle.  

Ride operator can override the automatic cycle to immediately stop all cars at the same time.


  • Patented Low Voltage Electric Floor- 24 volt DC

RDC’s patented Electric Floors are engineered to be the safest in the industry. Riders and staff can walk on floor without trepidation of being shocked.  The myth that walking on electric floors will cause a shock is unfounded.  RDC Electric Floors utilize a patented, low voltage (24 v DC) system. 


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