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RDC  has over 30 years of experience delivering parts and supplies to our customers throughout the United States and in over 28 foreign countries.  Our focus is on our customers. We treat our customers as if they were family.   


RDC carries an  extensive inventory of bumper car parts, supplies, and accessories. 

Our reputation in delivering quick and accurate parts and supplies to our customers in known throughout the industry.

We strive to be your first and last choice when seeking a particular part or supply.  RDC understands that a slow response means lost business and income.  We make every effort to identify and quickly ship our parts with complete customer satisfaction. 



We strive to make our shipping charges match what carriers charge us. Unlike some companies, we do not consider shipping a "profit center." We  pass on to customers the discounts we receive from carriers. New bumper car orders are shipped in secure wooden crates.  Customers are only charged for actual crating, shipping costs and loading time.  

RDC respects our customers and their privacy. We do not  sell, rent or share customer information with any third parties.



RDC’s technical support team has the experience and know-how to  quickly respond to our customer needs at all stages of technical assistance. We believe strongly  that a bumper car investment  does not end with a purchase and installation. 

RDC has a reputation for its quick, ongoing response to all aspects of technical support and operational matters. 

“We have had our RDC bumper cars for over two years.  They are designed for easy maintenance and reliability.  Any repair parts have been sent promptly, which leads to very little down time.  The RDC bumper cars have been a great source of income for our family entertainment facility.”  Rollie Hahn, Action City, Eau Claire, WI.

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