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RDC Frequently Asked Questions


Does RDC manufacturer other amusement rides besides bumper cars?


No. For over 30 years RDC has devoted 100% of its company effort to manufacture and sell patent protected bumper cars and only bumper cars. RDC is the recognized leader in bumper car manufacturing and design.



Are RDC’s Electric Floor Platforms expensive?


Not really. Many years ago, dodgem car electric floors and ceiling systems were expensive. With today’s existing technology, this is not the case. RDC’s patented electric floors are very reasonable priced. Our electric floors are engineered to be cost-effective and safe. Most owners/operators see a return on their investment within the first year. RDC feels the decision to purchase an electric platform is only half the consideration. The other half is the long term cost of maintenance. A constant power source and unlimited ride cycle means there are no batteries to recharge, replace, or recycle….ever. Electric floor owners witness a substantial long term reduction in cost in terms of maintenance and operation. We invite potential clients to talk to our current operators who have installed RDC electric floors. When they do, they are pleasantly surprised by the ease of operation and cost.”


Are RDC Electric Floor Platforms safe?


Yes. RDC’s has sold scores of patented Electric Floors  which are engineered to be the safest in the industry. Riders and staff can walk on the floor without apprehension of being shocked.  The myth that walking on an electric floor  might cause a shock is unfounded.  RDC Electric floors utilize a patented, low voltage (24 v DC) system.   


What makes RDC unique from its competitors?


RDC has a long established reputation as a proven manufacturer of safe and reliable bumper cars. RDC manufactures bumper cars and only bumper cars. We have the experience and technical know-how to serve clients throughout the United States and in over 28 countries. RDC holds six patent-protected engineering designs. RDC’s technical simplicity of our systems are unrivaled in the industry. RDC’s systems are also less expensive to maintain in the long run. Our highly durable Neoprene tubing and heavy steel frame construction is unbeatable for long term wear and shock absorption. We are flattered that other companies try and imitate us, but unfortunately, they fall short in terms of RDC's technical know- how, and reduced operating costs. We have always invited potential owner/operators to compare RDC product lines with our competitors. We encourage owners to talk to current owners. We have found that current owners/operators are our best salespeople. We sometimes jest that RDC has scores of people selling our bumper cars all over the world. RDC realizes that quality and reliability equals longevity and higher profits for our owners. RDC is the leader…the reliable one.


What’s new at RDC?


RDC recently introduced a new line of competitively-priced LED illuminated bumper cars. Our new line of LED cars complement our current Krazee Wh!rl™ and Krazee Voltz™ bumper cars and are well-suited to RDC’s array of electric floor platforms and battery power sources. RDC is rapidly producing this new line of LED cars to meet client demand. LED lights are more durable and appealing and can withstand the constant bumping more so than conventional bulb lights. RDC’s newly designed LED cars are programmed to display different colors and flash synchronization. RDC also offers LED add-on kits that can easily be configured to retrofit existing RDC bumper cars.


What is RDC’s manufacturing and design philosophy?


RDC strives to build bumper cars that are consistently reliable and safe. Our cars are manufactured and engineered with long-term investment in mind. We understand our clients have made a substantial investment in our systems and they want a product that is not only reliable but also less expensive to maintain and operate. Our bumper cars are backed by RDC’s renowned and indisputable customer service.

RDC’s biggest asset is our unrivaled technical and design simplicity and patent protected tubing. RDC continually strives to improve the technical aspects of its cars and safety requirements and is dedicated to build superior cutting-edge bumper cars that are truly innovative, safe and reliable.


What are RDC’s most popular bumper cars?


RDC manufacturers three lines of popular bumper cars. Krazee Wh!rl™,  Krazee Voltz™, and Krazee Kidz™.  RDC’s most popular cars are purchased in conjunction with RDC’s patented electric floor platform. RDC also offers a choice between our popular battery operated and gasoline operated cars which are priced very competitively.


What does RDC offer that competitors can’t offer?


Quite simply, RDC is the leader in manufacturing and designing bumper cars. We are the reliable ones. RDC has over 30 years of dedicated engineering and design experience. No other competitor can say that. RDC does not develop its technology on the fly at a client’s expense. Our engineers and technicians have been with RDC for decades. We are flattered when other companies try and imitate us, but unfortunately, they fall short in terms of RDC’s competitive pricing, patent-protected tubing and overall reduced operating expenses. With six patent-protected engineering designs, RDC encourages new clients to compare RDC’s product line with that of competitors and to talk to current RDC clients. RDC clients are our best salespeople.


 Why are bumper cars a better investment than other amusement rides?


It has been shown that bumper cars have more repeat ridership than other rides, which equates to additional revenue potential. Bumper cars are as popular today as they were 80 years ago due to their appeal to a wide audience segment. What other ride offers children, teenagers, parents and grandparents the opportunity to “battle” and “bump” each other is a safe and fun surrounding. Bumper cars are genuinely an attraction for people of all ages. Most RDC bumper car purchasers amortize their investment within the first year of operation.


What is the difference between the old style dodgem bumper cars and RDC’s tube cars?


Over the years, there has been a marked trend toward tube system cars rather than the traditional dodgem bumper cars. Modern tube cars are simply more durable and they don’t get “boxed in” to corners. Tube cars have a lower maintenance and operating costs than traditional bumper cars. RDC tube cars have a joy-stick design that provides a 360 degrees ultimate steering capability which is lacking on traditional bumper cars.


What should a new bumper car owner/operator consider when purchasing an RDC bumper car system?


In our experience, the primary considerations are: (1) What power source best suits a particular venue and budget. (i.e. Electric Floor, Battery or Gasoline Engine) (2) What is the optimal location and guest visibility for the bumper cars. (3) What size and type of floor plan to consider. (4)Deciding on a suitable outdoor or indoor venue. Of course, there many other factors to consider too.


How does RDC promote its bumper cars?


RDC promotes its products through trade publications, direct mail, and the Internet. Our number one promotional channel is word of mouth advertising. RDC encourages potential customers is to call current owners and ask about RDC’s reliability, reputation and customer service. . We have found our current clients are our best salespeople.


How do we get in touch with RDC?


It’s easy. RDC likes the direct, personal touch when it comes to asking questions or wanting more information about our bumper cars. Just call, write or email Tami Dean, RDC General Manager. Tami will promptly get back to you. Contact Tami at: RDC, P.O. Box 40, Independence, OR. 97351-0040; or call USA (503) 606-4438; or email Tami here

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