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Why RDC?



Ride Development Company (RDC), based in Independence, Oregon,  is recognized as the premiere bumper car manufacturer in the United States.  With over 30 years of design and technical experience, RDC serves scores of clients throughout the United States and in over 28 international countries.


RDC bumper cars are proven to be consistently reliable and safe.  The cars are built and sold with long-term investment in mind.  “Quality and reliability equals longevity and higher profits,” says RDC’s General Manager, Tami Dean. “RDC’s biggest advantage within the industry is our unrivaled technical and design simplicity and our patent protected tubing.  We are proud to say RDC cars are a maintenance dream for owners and operators.  We understand our clients have made a substantial investment in our RDC bumper cars and they readily see our competitive pricing  is coupled with lower, long term maintenance costs.  Call us, and let’s talk about how we can meet your needs.”



RDC is not an upstart company. RDC’s technical know-how, expertise and experience  spans over 30 years. RDC is flattered when other companies try and imitate us, but unfortunately, they fall short in terms of RDC’s pricing, patent-protected durable tubing and overall reduced operating expenses.

RDC is not tweaking its systems on-the-run at an owner’s expense.  With six patent-protected engineering designs, RDC encourages new clients to compare RDC superior products and floor systems with that of our competitors.   Talk to our current clients too.  RDC clients are our best salespeople.



RDC strives to build bumper cars that are consistently reliable and safe. Our cars are manufactured and engineered with long-term investment in mind. We understand our clients have made a substantial investment in our systems and they want a product that is not only reliable but also less expensive to maintain and operate. Our bumper cars are backed by RDC’s renown and indisputable customer service.

RDC’s biggest asset is our unrivaled technical and design simplicity and patent protected tubing. RDC  continually strives to improve the technical aspects of its cars and safety requirements and  is dedicated to build superior cutting-edge bumper cars that are truly innovative, safe and reliable. 



Most modern day bumper cars create a similar ride experience. The difference comes from an owner's perspective. The engineering, durable construction and simplicity of RDC’s ride systems are patented and unrivaled.  Current owners and operators see the value in purchasing RDC bumper cars as being more reliable and less expensive to maintain.



RDC recently introduced a new line of competitively-priced LED illuminated bumper cars.  The new LED’s are installed in RDC’s Krazee Wh!rl™  and Krazee Voltz™  cars and are well-suited to RDC’s  electric floors and battery powered bumper cars.  LED light systems are more durable and appealing and can withstand the constant bumping more so than conventional bulb lights.  RDC’s newly designed LED cars are programmed to display different colors and flash synchronization.


Over the years, RDC has constantly been improving the technical aspects of its cars and safety requirements.  RDC continues to build superior cutting-edge bumper cars that are truly innovative, safe, and reliable.

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