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Serving over 44 States & 28 Countries, with  6 U.S. Patents.

With over 30 years of design and technical experience, RDC serves an array of clients  in over 44 states and  28 international countries.

We encourage potential customers to talk to our current owners.

RDC will be happy to furnish potential customers  referral names near your location.

 We have found that current owners/operators are our best salespeople. We sometimes jest that RDC has scores of people selling our bumper cars all over the world.

Here are just a few of RDC’s current owners testimonials.

"We have had other platforms, but RDC’s electric cars and floors are certainly less expensive to maintain. "

“We are very happy with RDC’s bumper cars and their electric floors.  We have had other platforms, but RDC’s electric cars and floors are certainly less expensive to maintain.  Our staff is pleased with the technical simplicity of the system and our customers are thrilled with having both a bowling and bumping fun experience.  The electric floor system was a long term investment and certainly worth it.”

Jack Canouse – Managing Partner

Stars and Strikes – Cumming, Dacula, Dallas, and Stone Mountain Georgia


“The RDC cars are unbelievable.  They are visually attractive and we saw results almost immediately.” 

“Our over-the-ocean environment presents unique challenges in the design and manufacture of any ride.  Ride Development Company went overboard in meeting and exceeding our expectations in regards to addressing corrosion resistance, and the installation of two significant rides onto a 100-year-old wooden pier.  The new RDC Bumper Cars and Bump-a-Bouts have been in operation for over 10 months now, and we have enjoyed a 36% increase in ridership and revenue over the old style “Italian” bumper cars we had previously.” – October 2009

Dana Wyatt – Operations Director

Pacific Park – Santa Monica, California

Krazee Wh!rl Electric Floor Model & Bump-a-Bout Electric Floor Model



“Nearly 4 years after installing Ride Development’s Bumper Cars, they are still a huge hit!!  The cars were a big part of reaching our goal.  Minimal maintenance and excellent ROI, I would not hesitate adding them again, or in future locations.” – April 2014

“Bumper cars are exceeding my expectations.” – August 2010

Rich Sheldon – Owner

Saratoga Strike Zone – Saratoga Springs, New York

Krazee Wh!rl Electric Floor Model


"Minimal Maintenance and excellent ROI"

“The one ride we can rely on because when we take them out they are always going to work” – November 2013

John Elio – Owner

C & C Amusements – Bronx, New York

Krazee Voltz


Bryan Hinkle Quotes from “A Bright Spot”     

“The cars ran well over the years and have been dependable, despite taking a tremendous amount of use and abuse,” said Bryan Hinkle, co-owner. “They shine, twinkle and have all-new LED lights on top and underneath so they light up the floor,” said Hinkle. “They look brand-new.”


“The cars are getting a tremendous amount of use compared to the past,” Hinkle said. “Guests are noticing how jazzy they look and are commenting on how great they are.  They have given us a new image.”


“Our revenue is up considerably,” 


Chad Cook, Freedom  Station Entertainment Center

“Owners fear that any time they invest in a new ride, it might cannibalize revenue from existing attractions.  This was not the case when we added RDC bumper cars to our mix.  In fact,  RDC bumper cars have contributed to a 45% increase in revenue since our expansion.” 

“We’ve recouped our entire investment in our  first season.”          

Troy Perry, Fun N’ Wheels, Boone, NC

“The battery RDC bumper cars are easy to handle and maintain, both for the guests and our crew.  They also gave us the flexibility we needed…and are very cost effective.”    

 Anders Pettersson, Pite Havsbad, Pitea, Sweden 

“I have been in the business for more than 20 years, so when I decided to open a new center, bumper cars just made a lot of sense. And going with Ride Development just made perfect sense because they have been around for a long, long time.”  – November 2013

Glen Vilio, owner

Funky Monkey Fun Park – Surrey, B.C.

Krazee Wh!rl Electric Floor Model

“We have had our RDC bumper cars for over two years.  They are designed for easy maintenance and reliability.  Any repair parts have been sent promptly, which leads to very little down time.  The RDC bumper cars have been a great source of income for our family entertainment facility.”  

Rollie Hahn, Action City, Eau Claire, WS.


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