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RDC Electric Floor Power  vs. RDC Battery Powered Cars

Electric Floor


  • Minimal daily maintenance required.

  • No batteries to replace, recharge or recycle...ever.

  • Most reliable for high traffic venues.

  • Efficient direct power supplied to cars from floor providing constant, reliable performance.

  • Best power source if  venue stationary many years.

  • RDC’s patented floors are engineered safe.

  • RDC’s patented electric floors are very easy practical to install.  

  • Electric Floor Power is more efficient than batterypowered.

  • Most environmentally friendly, no batteries to recycle

  • Rider controls speed



  • Requires stationary power source location

  • Requires dedicated power to supply floor 

  • Requires more mopping or vacuuming




  • Lower initial start-up cost.

  • Multiple use locations with minimal set up.

  • Less moving parts



  • Daily charging maintenance required.

  • Periodic battery maintenance and replacement.

  • Decrease battery charge over time.

  • Decresed ride cycles over time

  • Dedicated circuit needed for chargers.

  • Trouble shooting loss of battery power more time consuming and technical. 

  • Loss of income due to less ride cycles.

  • Harder to control for rider

  • Loss of efficiency due to using power storage device.


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