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RDC’s most popular cars , Krazee Wh!rl™  and Krazee Kidz™ are purchased in conjunction with

RDC’s patented Electric Floor platform

Low Voltage Electric Floor

RDC’s patented Electric Floors are engineered to be the safest in the industry. Riders and staff can walk on floor without trepidation of being shocked.  The myth that walking on electric floors will cause a shock is unfounded.  RDC Electric floors utilize a patented, low voltage (24 v DC) system. 


  • No batteries to replace, recharge or recycle...ever.

  • Most reliable for high traffic venues.

  • Minimal daily maintenance required.

  • Efficient direct power supplied to cars providing constant power source. 

  • Best power source if venue stationary many years.

  • RDC’s patented floors are engineered safe.


  • RDC’s patented electric floors are very easy practical to install.  
  • Electric Floor Power is more efficient than battery powered.
  • Ride Cycle Timer and Emergency Stop Override
  • RDC’s patented Electric Floors transformer comes equipped with an adjustable timer with 30 second increments that automatically controls the ride cycle.  Ride operator can override the  automatic cycle to immediately stop all cars at the same time.

  RDC Electric Floor Features

Krazee Kidz

Smallest footprint for a bumper car system. 

Only 64 sq ft (5.95 sq m) per car


Sample sizes: Cars with Electric Floor

  •   6 cars   16 ft x 24ft  (4.88m x 7.32m)

  •   8 cars   24 ft x 24ft  (7.32m x 7.32m)

  • 10 cars   20 ft x 32ft  (6.10m x 9.75m)

  • 10 cars   24ft  x 28ft  (7.32m x 8.55m)

  • 12 cars   24ft  x 32ft  (7.32m x 9.75m)

  • 14 cars   28ft  x 32ft  (8.55m x 9.75m)



Electric Floor Module Sizes:


RDC will make any size you request for your venue. 


    Our Standard floors module sizes are:


~  8 feet x 8 feet

~  8 feet x 8 feet - 45 angle

~  4 feet x 8 feet


    Special Order 

        ~ Any Size


    Special openings to allow for poles


Entrance and Exit: RDC will place the opening where you would like them.



Krazee Wh!rl™

Only 100 sq ft per car required



Sample sizes: Cars with Electric Floor

  • 6    Cars  24 ft x 24ft   (7.315m x 7.315m)

  • 8    Cars  24ft x 32ft    (7.315m x 9.75m)

  • 10   Cars  32ft x 32ft    (9.75m x 9.75m)

  • 12   Cars  32ft x 40ft    (9.75m x 12.19m)

  • 14   Cars  36ft x 40ft    (10.97m x 12.19m)

  • 16   Cars  40ft x 40ft    (12.19m x 12.19m)


note: All bumper rails must have 6 inches of free space from a wall and 2 ft clear space to a perimeter fence.

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